Tips and care of blueberries

  • When and how to plant and replant

Planting is done during the defoliation period

Blueberry saplings are planted during the defoliation period from November to March, but since the cold season must be avoided, November to December in warm regions and mid-February to March in cold regions. It is suitable.

  • Planting in a planter
  • Preparation of

Saplings Remove the saplings from the pot and lightly loosen the root pot.

  • Soil preparation

Commercially available blueberry soil is useful when growing in planters. After laying a pot bottom net on the planter, put the pot bottom stone to a thickness of about 3 cm and plant it using the medium.

  • Adjust the soil

Finally, adjust the soil so that the surface of the soil is about 3 cm below the edge of the planter, and plant the seedlings so that the roots of the seedlings are aligned with the surface of the soil. The height of the medium is lowered below the edge of the planter so that water can collect in this part when watering, and it is called a water space.

  • Watering

After planting, stand up and fix the columns as needed, and water them thoroughly.

  • How to plant in the garden
  • Digging a hole

After preparing the blueberry seedlings , dig a hole with a depth and diameter of 40 to 50 cm at the planting site.

  • Soil preparation

40 to 50 L of peat moss and 40 L of humus soil that have been sufficiently moistened with water are mixed well with the excavated garden soil, and about half of them are backfilled in the holes.

  • Planting

Lightly loosen the root pot of the sapling, put it in the planting hole, and use the remaining soil to plant it. At this time, adjust so that the root of the seedling is at the height of the ground.

  • Watering

After planting, set up a support, lightly cut back the tip of the branch, and water it thoroughly. Cover the roots of the seedlings planted with bark chips or straw to prevent them from drying out.

  • Replanting in November or March

Replanting, such as adding pots, should be done in November, when the dormant period begins, or in March, when it begins to warm, avoiding the cold season.

  • Method of adding pots (replanting)

Taking out from the pot The work of replanting in a large pot is called pot addition (pot change). First, take out the stock from the pot. If the root pot is tight, loosen it by hand.

Prepare a pot that is one or two times larger and add soil to the bottom of the pot while adjusting so that the ground of the plant is about 3 cm below the edge of the pot. Put the soil around the root pot and plant it firmly.

After planting, water thoroughly until it flows out from the bottom of the pot.

  • How to make the pot bigger
  • Make the root

Pot smaller Remove the stock from the pot and use a saw to cut the sides of the hardened root pot until the root pot becomes smaller and thinner.

  • Planted replace

Then lightly loosened shoulder and the side of the root ball, laid the strain put the soil in the bottom of the pot, put the soil around the root ball, and one with a planted with care so as not to planting depth.

  • Add soil If you

Lift the pot lightly and lower it on the floor several times, the soil will sink, so add the insufficient soil to calm it down. At this time, if you hit the ground strongly, the soil will be too tight and drainage will be poor, so make it lightly vibrate.

  • Watering

Let’s water well after planting.

  • Do Blueberries Need Fertilizer?

In addition to the original fertilizer and top fertilizer, give thanks fertilizer after harvest

For both garden planting and planter cultivation, original fertilizer is applied from mid-February to mid-March, top fertilizer is applied in early summer, and thank-you fertilizer is applied in September to replenish the nutrients used in the harvest. In addition to chemical fertilizer, organic fertilizer such as compost is applied to the main fertilizer. A fast-acting chemical fertilizer is recommended for top dressing and thank-you fertilizer.

  • How and when to water blueberries
  • Watering the planter

In the case of planters, the amount of soil they hold is limited, so the amount of water they hold is also limited. By the time the soil on the surface has dried, it is possible that the soil in the planter has also begun to dry, so when the surface of the soil has dried, water it thoroughly. Watering should be done in the morning as much as possible, and in the evening when it is hot and dry in the summer.

  • Watering the garden

For garden planting, watering does not need to be very nervous, but it is necessary to keep the soil dry immediately after planting or during the hot summer months. The roots of plants are said to spread in the soil as much as the branches and leaves. In order to absorb more water from the tip of the root, make sure to give plenty of water not only to the root of the plant but also to the bottom of the spread of branches and leaves.

  • When and how to care for the harvest?
  • “Pinching” to make branches with fruits

In order to increase the number of branches of the planted seedlings and increase the yield, the work of pinching is a step-up work. The time of pinching is from May to June. Cut back about 1/3 of the tip of the shoot that has grown 20 cm or more. When cutting back, cut on the outer buds (buds on the opposite side of the center of the plant) so that the branches extend outside the plant. After July, flower buds for the next year will be formed at the tips of the branches, so it may be counterproductive if pinching is not completed by June.

  • Make sure to pollinate with “artificial pollination”

If the fruit is poor, artificial pollination is performed when the flowers bloom. Apply the pollen of another variety planted as a pollinated tree to a brush, etc., and apply the pollen to the pistil of the flower of the harvested variety. However, there are many combinations of high bush varieties and rabbit eye varieties that are not genetically compatible, so it is important to select the same type of varieties.

  • What is the best time and method for harvesting?

The harvest time for blueberries is from June to July for high bushes and from July to August for rabbit eyes. The guideline for harvesting is when the fruits are fully ripe and the whole is bluish purple. The method is to pinch the fruit and pull it straight out. Be aware that if you pull it out sideways, the fruit may be scratched and easily damaged.

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