How to increase the growth of blackberries?

  • Blackberry layering

Blackberry vines on the soil. Easy rooting.

Blackberries can be easily increased. The roots of blackberries come out from just below the leaves, so if you put the elongated vines in the soil, they will root from there. If you don’t want to increase it, make sure that the incentives are diligent so that the vines that grow vigorously in the summer do not stick to the ground.

  • Blackberry harvest

Depending on the variety, blackberries start to turn black in Tokyo from early July when planted in the ground, and you can harvest the fruits almost every day for about a month until the beginning of August. ..

Blackberries are sweet and delicious even when eaten raw, but be aware that they are very sour if they are harvested early. The sweetness changes so much that you might think it’s so different in a few days. In addition, blackberries do not color all at once, but turn black in pieces. The timing when you think it’s delicious to eat raw is when you touch the black fruit and ” naturally pop it out” . It’s still early when you can’t get fruit by touching it and it’s firmly attached to the stem. On the other hand, if the harvest is too late, it will fall to the ground, so it is a daily routine to touch the black-colored berries on summer mornings.

There are a few things to keep in mind when harvesting BlackBerry .

  • Harvested fruits are stocked without washing

When you eat the harvested BlackBerry immediately, wash it and eat it. If you want to stock it in the refrigerator, put it in a storage container without washing it and store it in the vegetable compartment. As with strawberries, berries are easily damaged when washed with water. It is easy to mold if you wash and stock it, so wash it when you eat. Also, it can be stored for 1 to 2 days. If possible, it is best to wash and eat as soon as you harvest. If you want to use a large amount of jam etc., stock it in the freezer until the required amount is accumulated.

  • Do not harvest on rainy days

For the above reasons, when you harvest BlackBerry in the rain , the fruits are wet and easily damaged. It doesn’t matter if you eat it on the spot, but if possible, harvest it on a sunny day. We recommend harvesting fruit trees, not just blackberries , on a sunny day.

  • Check the fruit after the rain

If it continues to rain, the black fruits at the time of harvest may become moldy. After the rain , check for moldy blackberries , and if found, remove them to prevent other real transmissions.

  • Blackberry growth

Introducing the growth of blackberries during the year.

  • Winter blackberry

Blackberries are deciduous and do not move much, but the buds start to move little by little at the beginning of the year. If you haven’t pruned the vines that bear fruit last year, cut them near the ground.

  • May blackberry

Pink flowers bloom. There are many varieties of BlackBerry , and the color of the flowers varies depending on the variety. When the petals fall, the central part becomes plump and fruitful.

BlackBerry with fallen petals

  • June blackberry
  • As the green fruits swell little by little, they become reddish.
  • It changes from green to dull red to red.
  • The best time to eat blackberries is after the fruits turn black!

Blackberries are delicious berries to eat raw. However, if you can’t get it by touching the fruit, it’s not ready to eat yet. If it feels sour, it may have been harvested a little earlier. It’s sweet and delicious enough to touch the fruit and take it naturally.

Blackberry fruits don’t color all at once

From around June, the blackberry fruits will gradually begin to color. The first fruit turns black around the end of June. The harvest period is about one month after that. The harvest time is slightly different depending on the blackberry variety. Even the fruits that grow in the same bunch do not turn black all at once. Berries are not fruits that will last for a long time after being colored, so if you want to jam, you should store them in the freezer and stock them until a certain amount is produced.

  • Around June, a new shoot will come out

In early summer, new shoots come out from the stock maker at the same time as the fruit comes out. This shoot is the stem that will bear the fruit next year, so I will carefully grow it. The green stem on the left is the new blackberry shoot .

  • July-August BlackBerry

Blackberries in the summer are steadily growing new shoots. Stretch 1.5m ~ 2m upright, and then attract the vines parallel to the ground.

Blackberries may have vines that are too energetic and grow too much, causing the stem tips to die, so cut them if they grow too much. When you cut it, side buds will come out from there. Anyway, it’s a tough plant, so you don’t have to worry if the stem breaks. Side buds come out from there. Blackberries are fruit trees that can be easily grown.

Incentive the blackberry vines in the direction you want them to grow, and secure them in places with strings or wires.

Blackberry vines from which all fruits have been harvested can be pruned at any time. Blackberries are a mechanism that bears fruit the next year on newly grown vines, so vines that bear fruit will not bear fruit again. The vines that have finished bearing fruit will gradually die, so prun them from the roots.

  • BlackBerry from November to December

Blackberries are berries with beautiful autumn colors. The color of the leaves differs depending on the temperature rise and fall of the year. Blackberries fall after the autumn leaves

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