Red Currant Health Benefits and Nutrition


Red Currant Health Benefits and Nutrition

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Red Currant: A Healthy, Tart Berry

Red currants may be small, but they are tiny essential vitamin, mineral and antioxidant powerhouses that can help you look youthful, feel great and stay healthy and nourished.

Red currants are simultaneously sweet and immensely tart berries with a flavour similar to blackberries. They aren’t quite as popular as other berries because they’re too tart to eat by themselves; however, they shouldn’t be discounted—they provide health benefits and are rich in antioxidants, as are most other berries. Their lovely, rosy appearance makes them popular decorative pieces and garnishes in various cuisines around the world.

These tiny berries are often made into jams, desserts and drinks, and they are used in alternative medicine due to their highly nutritious nature. Next time you buy red currants, add them to your smoothies, juices or sauces to make the most of this beautiful fruit.

Red Currant Nutrition Facts

NutrientHealth Benefits% Daily Value
PotassiumStabilizes blood pressure and promotes cardiovascular health7%
FiberPrevents constipation17%
ProteinBuilding blocks of life, important in the growth and maintenance of every cell in the body2%
Vitamin CStrengthens the immune system and prevents free radical damage in body cells68%
Vitamin B6Necessary for new skin cell formation5%
MagnesiumNecessary for the transmission of nerve impulses, detoxification and energy production3%
IronEssential for the formation of red blood cells5%
CalciumImportant in the formation of strong bones and teeth3%

Nutrition per 100 g of red currant berries (data sourced from USDA)

Quick Facts

  • A mature red currant bush can produce up to 4 kg of fruit each summer.
  • Red currants are native to parts of Western Europe and Asia.
  • White currants, which come from the same plant, are often marketed as different fruits, but they are actually albino versions of red currant.
  • 100 g of red currant contains 56 calories.
  • These are fat-free and cholesterol-free berries.
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