Mulberry tree species

Mulberry tree

The mulberry tree is a wild tree from the cichlids family, it belongs to the mulberry tribe, its sweet fruits are preferred by adults and children alike, and it has a high nutritional value thanks to its containment of many mineral elements important to the human body such as manganese, potassium, calcium, in addition to vitamin C, and proteins , Sugary fatty substances, and citric acid as well, and according to studies, every 100 grams of berries contain 47 calories, which means that they do not cause satiety, and in this article we will talk about the diversity of mulberry trees and the colors of their fruits in some detail, in addition to listing the benefits of berries Generally.

Mulberry tree species

There are many types of mulberry trees, and they can be summarized as follows:

Macura berry, which is a long-tailed berry.

Red berries, known as strawberries.

Saw berries are very rare.

Mongolian berries.

Mulberry berries and falls into the family of plants.

White berries are the best berries for women during pregnancy.

Red berries are similar to white berries except in color and size.

They are white in color and smaller in size.

African berries

Chinese berries.

Toot Messi paper.

Tri-cotyledon berries.

Black cranberry: found in the northwestern Pacific Ocean.

Wild skeleton: used to make jams and juices, it also grows in the Pacific Northwest.

Raspberry: It is found in the United States of America. It is small, and its flavor is strong, its color ranging from dark red or purple.

Raspberry: It is related to the top of the raspberry, but its flavor is moderate.

Elderberry berries: Found in the United States of America, its fruits are in the form of round clusters, and are black, red, or purple in color, and it is the best type of berries for preparing jams and juices, and it is not recommended to eat it fresh after picking it because it causes difficult digestion. Salmon berries: Light orange in color, with a slightly sweet flavor.

Sour bog berries: It grows in damp sandy areas on small bushes; it is red in color, and tastes sour. Surface wild: It is found in western and Central America, its color is purple, and the taste is similar to the taste of blueberries.

Oregon berries: It grows in the Rocky Mountains, in the North Pacific Ocean, its color is purple, it is not preferred to eat it raw because the taste is not desirable for many, and it is good for preparing jam. Goji berries. Blueberries, similar to bilberry berries.

Poisonous berries: known by many signs, their color is yellow or green, they often grow among thorny plants that are accompanied by white sap with a bitter odor, pink, black or pink thorn, and its juice causes sensitive skin.

The benefits of berries

The benefits of goji berries : It is an ideal choice for people who follow diets that aim to lose weight because the proportion of sugar and calories in it is very few, and among its benefits: Strengthening sexual ability and treating weakness by increasing the number of sperm. Influenza prevention.

Raspberry Benefits : Improve memory and reduce Alzheimer’s disease. Regulating the blood sugar level in a way that prevents it from rising or falling below the normal limit. Reducing cardiovascular infections thanks to its high content of anthocyanins. Prevent cancer diseases thanks to its rich antioxidant formula. Protect the eyes from UV rays thanks to its Vitamin C formula.

Strawberry : Lowering blood pressure thanks to its potassium-rich formula. Prevention of atherosclerosis and various heart diseases. Treating constipation and indigestion. Protect the brain from strokes and strokes thanks to its antioxidants.

Benefits of blueberries : Reducing symptoms of cognitive impairment that affects women of old age. Short-term memory therapy. Prevention of hypertension due to its very good content of important minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Improves bone health thanks to its combination of phosphorous, zinc, and vitamin K. Lowering blood sugar being rich in natural fibers, it is generally an excellent choice for diabetics. Promote heart health and prevent damage to blood vessels. Reducing constipation thanks to its fiber content. Protect the skin from sunlight and various pollutants, as it is an essential product for collagen, which is responsible for the freshness of the skin. Reducing cancerous diseases.

Benefits of bilberry grapes : Treat gingivitis. Promote eye health, and reduce eye fatigue. Benefits of blackberries : Skin hydration and cell regeneration by fortifying collagen and fighting free radicals. Flush out toxins from the body thanks to its high water content, estimated at 85%. Treatment of skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema. Get rid of acne thanks to its antioxidant formula Improve hair health and give it a lively, attractive appearance. Treating bleeding and inflammation of the gums using blackberry paper. Reducing menstrual bleeding famous for women. Reducing symptoms of dysentery with blackberry leaf juice. Reducing insulin levels thanks to its high content of potassium, and therefore consuming blackberries daily with a spoonful of honey controls diabetes. ** Strengthening the bones. Red and white blood cell production. Hemorrhoid treatment. Prevention of various cancers.

Benefits of white berries : Rich in vitamin A, B, and C. Increase the level of the male hormone, or what is known as testosterone, which helps treat impotence. Reducing blood sugar and urine. Promote liver health. Anemia treatment. Treatment of stomach acidity that causes laziness and lethargy. Get rid of acne by applying a mask on the face to make it look brighter and fresh.

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