It’s Officially Moving Season — Decorate Your New Place With Our Favorite No-Fuss Plants

Decorate Your New Place With Our Favorite No-Fuss Plants

Moving boxes and U-Haul trucks are certainly not the first thing that come to mind when people think of summer. But according to U.S. census data, nearly 60 percent of annual U.S. moves take place between May and August. The lax work schedules, nice weather, and prime housing market all make summer the unofficial season of moving, in addition to backyard barbecues, baseball games, and poolside parties.

If you’re one of the millions of people who just moved into a new home or apartment (or you’re still packing for a July or August jump), we invite you to outfit your new space with some fresh greenery. Not only do houseplants double as decor, they’re natural air purifiers and are fun and rewarding to care for — just ask plantfluencers Ricky Dorn and Larayne Dumlao.

Without further adieu, add a pop of color to your new space with a few of our favorite low-maintenance houseplants.

The ZZ Plant

Bloomscape Tough Stuff Collection | ZZ Plant

If you’re always on the go, a ZZ plant is a perfect addition to your new space. For starters, it’s virtually indestructible — it can survive for months without water and pretty much thrives on neglect. It tolerates all light conditions and will even thrive in a windowless bathroom or office — you really can’t go wrong with a ZZ.

The Pothos Plant

Buy Potted Bloomscape Pothos Silver Satin

With its vine-like tendrils, the humble Pothos plant offers a world of possibilities when it comes to display. You can nestle them into a hanging planter, let them drape down your kitchen cabinets, or perch them on a windowsill. Best of all, they’re incredibly hardy and can basically survive anything — simply water when the soil is dry and prune any damaged or yellow leaves and stems.

The Snake Plant

Buy Potted Bloomscape Sansevieria

Unsurprisingly, the aesthetically-pleasing and low-maintenance Sansevieria is an incredibly popular houseplant. These desert dwellers prefer infrequent waterings and actually store extra moisture in their succulent leaves. Simply check on your snake plant once a month, and he or she will thrive in your new space.

The Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise: Bloomscape

Add a tropical touch to your new home or apartment with a Bird of Paradise plant. With its pretty banana-shaped leaves, these rainforest natives are sure to make a statement. While these larger plants may look intimidating to a novice, Bird of Paradise plants are surprisingly easy to care for. Simply place in a relatively sunny corner and keep the soil moist throughout the growing season (spring through fall).

The Parlor Palm

Buy Potted Bloomscape Parlor Palm Indoor Plant

The compact Parlor Palm is perfect for small spaces and will look great on a tabletop, shelf, or side table. These low-maintenance plants aren’t picky when it comes to light or water and simply need a good soak every two to four weeks. Plus, they’re excellent air purifiers — a welcome bonus if you just moved to a densely populated city!

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