How to grow a mulberry tree

It is a type of flowering plant from the Moresian family, and includes 10 to 16 types of trees known as mulberry, and it is grown in the wild and temperate regions, the mulberry is fast growing when it is small and the length of the mulberry tree rarely exceeds 10 to 15 meters, the leaves of the mulberry tree grow on both sides The branches alternate and their leaves are wide and serrated at the ends, and the length of their fruit is about 2 to 3 centimeters, the unripe fruits are white or green in color, and in most species the fruits turn pink and then turn red and this is a sign of the beginning of ripeness, then they turn into dark purple or black As for the white type, it is white and its fruits are sweet, and the correct method of cultivating the mulberry tree can be followed to obtain the desired fruits.

Types of mulberry tree

There are many types of mulberry tree, depending on the shape of the mulberry fruit, its color and the place in which it grows, according to the length of the fruit there are tall berries and the length of the fruit may reach 10 centimeters. It grows in Tibet, the Himalayas and Indochina, and according to the place of growth there are Chinese berries that grow in both China and Japan And the Indian subcontinent and Myanmar, and the African mulberry that grows in southern and central Africa, as for the color of the berries, there are black berries that grow in Iran, the Caucasus and the Levant, the red berries that grow in eastern North America, and the white berries that grow in China, Korea and Japan, and may not The method of growing the mulberry tree varies from country to country.

How to grow a mulberry tree

The mulberry plant is cultivated and propagated either sexually by seed planting methods or by vegetative propagation, which is the method of cuttings where a part of the large mulberry tree is used and the appropriate method is followed until the roots are formed and planted alone, and there is a method of grafting as well. Worldwide:

Cultivation with seeds

The method of planting a mulberry tree with seeds occurs with seeds present on the fruits, which are collected and kept until spring for planting, and this type of planting is often recommended because the trees planted in this way give trees that are generally better and healthier, and in the beginning the seeds are planted in good, fertilized soil suitable for For planting by hand spreading and then covering it with dirt, then the seeds are watered with water in the form of a spray without multiplying, and these seeds may take about 15 days to grow until the young leaves appear on the surface of the soil, when the height of the plant becomes from 1.5 to 1.8 meters, these seedlings are transferred to the permanent place For planting, mulberry is taken care of by pruning the trees once a year during the monsoon season.

Cultivation with the mind

The method of planting a mulberry tree with the mind gives plants that fully bear the characteristics of the mother, the green parts are taken from the side of the mother tree after winter and kept until spring in dark places in wet bags filled with sand, and when the spring season begins, they are planted with wet sand on the ground and taken care of. Until you grow up, the success rate of this method is 80%.

Cultivation by grafting

As for the method of planting the mulberry tree by grafting, this method is done in the spring and the graft is prepared from a good fruit mulberry tree that you want to increase production from. Part of the green branches are cut from it, the wood is removed and the bark is preserved, then a T-shaped incision is made in the trunk. The tree to be pollinated, inserted the graft into it, wrapped it in a piece of cloth, waited for two weeks, and then examined it to see the success rate of this vaccination.

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