Different Kinds of Raspberry Bushes

Different Kinds of Raspberry Bushes to Be Grown In the Garden

Raspberry is a favorite fruit of many people, due to its sweet and juicy taste. Hence, many people wish to plant raspberry shrubs in their backyard gardens. Since there are many varieties of raspberries available in nature, homeowners need to know all details of these kinds of raspberries so that they can select some specific raspberry bushes. However, all kinds of raspberries fail to grow well in heavy and dry soil.

Black raspberry – The flavor of black raspberry is unique from all other varieties of raspberries. It takes a longer time to ripen than other raspberries. A new stem of this plant grows from the crown of an existing plant, instead of the roots as in the case of other berry bushes. As the canes of these bushes extend, they become thinner. So it is advised to trim the canes after attaining the length of 3 – 4 feet. Black raspberries do not appear in the fall season and these plants bear fruits mainly during the summer. The older canes can be cut off after ripe berries are harvested. The ripe black raspberry is much larger than other kinds and it is noted for its glossy skin.

Red raspberry – The red raspberry plant can extend over a wall surface to a length of up to 30 feet. Thus, it can be used as hedges in a garden, which can produce a double amount of yield compared to other raspberry varieties. A large number of fruits can be obtained regularly from a 1-year old red raspberry bush for at least 3 weeks. The red raspberry is again classified into several varieties, among which ‘Heritage’, ‘Fall Red’, and ‘Indian Summer’ known as the most popular ones. These medium-sized berries are noted for softness, bright red color, and wonderful flavor. The warm season can yield a huge amount of these raspberries and these fruits ripen more quickly than other berries. Some varieties of red raspberries can also be harvested during the fall season.

Purple raspberry – This variety of raspberry is marked by dark purple color, glossy skin, and very large size. The berry bushes of this kind can grow on any soil and resist most of the common plant diseases. Thus, the purple raspberry shrub can be planted in any climatic zone of the world and produces very high yields. ‘Sodus’ is the most popular variety among all purple raspberries, in which fruits take a longer time to ripen.

There are also some yellow raspberries of very high quality, which are very popular among all fruit lovers. As these berry bushes need the least maintenance, people often like to grow them at home.

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